Calculate your Email Marketing Return on Investment

A staggering 39% organizations today are unaware of their return on investment (ROI) from email marketing. Yet, email marketing remains as one of the top marketing methods employed by companies of all sizes and industries. Use our tool to calculate ROI and receive a free personalized benchmark report comparing your campaign statistics to organizations in the same space.

Your Send Volume

Emails Sent

The number of emails sent per campaign

Open Rate

The percentage of emails opened relative to those delivered.



Click Through Rate

The percentage of recipients that opened your email, then clicked on any links within it, taking them to your landing page.


Conversion Rate

The percentage of recipients that completed your conversion goal (purchase, registration, etc.).


Hard Bounce Rate

This is the percentage of emails that never make it to the subscriber’s in-box. It is generally related to stale email lists and IP addresses with poor sender scores.


Complaint Rate

The complaint rate is calculated by dividing the total number of complaints by the number of emails sent. A complaint is recorded by the Internet Service Provider when an email recipient marks an email message as spam by clicking “This is spam” or “send to spam folder” in their we email client.


Unsubscribe Rate

This is the percentage of subscribers that unsubscribed from an campaign as a direct result of an action taken via the delivered email.


Conversion Value

The average value of your conversions. For instance, in Ecommerce, this would be you average order size.


Total Costs

Total campaign costs – These costs typically include email design, development , email service provider fees, hours spent on internal and external (Agency) resources, etc.


Your ROI Breakdown

Total Emails Opened 40000
Total Click Throughs 800
Expected Conversions 160
Total Revenue $ 2400
Total Profit $ 900
Conversions to Break-even 100 (12.50 %)
Your ROI: 60.60 %


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