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Cristina Montesinos

Cristina Montesinos

For over 20 years, Cristina has created award-winning visual and interactive experiences in print, identity, and digital design. She works at the creative intersection of visual design, interaction design, UX, and CX and has created websites, mobile apps, identity systems, print collateral, ecommerce systems, and advertising.

Her approach has been polished over years of solving visual, interaction, and marketing challenges. She starts from a rapid and deep understanding of the communication needs, business goals and the target audience. This leads to the quick formation of varied and targeted solutions. Then, owing to her deep experience, these designs are iteratively optimized, quickly producing the precise experience needed for the audience and the client goals. She shines when clients need to communicate complex ideas clearly and quickly.

Cristina has worked with the following brands: The Home Depot, BellSouth, The Coca-Cola Company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Tennessee, Walmart, Balfour Beatty, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Hunter College (CUNY), TermScout, Motive Medical Intelligence, Fujitsu, Publix Supermarkets, Fleet Capital Leasing, WellCheck, NYSE, NFL Shop, The Hermitage Museum, and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.

Andrew Romanchenko

Andrew is an Agile Tech Lead and Magento Developer Plus Certified developer. He has over 10 years of experience dealing with complex database/back-end development, and system architecture and has over 200+ eCommerce deployments under his belt. Andrew has has been developing on the Magento platform since its inception in 2008. Andrew is knowledgable about all facets of eCommerce development ranging from performance tuning, custom extension development, troubleshooting, product data migration and building/maintaining Magento sites with over 20,000+ SKU’s.

Tom Tsatsos

Tom’s strengths lie in project management, strategic development, and interactive design management. Tom works hand in hand with the client and #10’s development team to ensure smooth delivery of projects. His primary role is to gather information from the client, create detailed specifications and to disseminate the synthesised information to the rest of the development team. Previously, he held management positions at Toyota’s Internet Software Group and MIC, a Japanese Semiconductor Equipment manufacturer. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management. Tom is fluent in Japanese.


We offer innovative and creative approaches to problem solving – consistently exceeding our client's expectations and helping them reach new global horizons. Our success is a result of following a proven methodology: examine each client's specific needs through thorough assessment and recommend solutions based on a fact-based, hypothesis-driven approach. As such, we are able to design and deliver targeted solutions appropriate to client needs, with precision and certainty. And we do so with respect for each clients timeline, scope and budget concerns.

Put our bright, energetic and highly-motivated creative team to work for you - at #10, our diverse team consists of individuals with backgrounds in advertising, business consulting, graphic design, and web building, and we recruit from some of the top design universities in the nation. And we work to retain our top talent - creating an environment conducive to the creative thinking process. From storefront design and branding, eCommerce development, performance optimizations and store promotion, you can reach globally with #10.


Whether it´s an artist alternating between creative bursts and refinement of inspiration, or a mathematician methodically exploring every iteration and variable in painstaking detail with equal verve and vigor – the process is what ultimately brings an idea from conception into reality. At #10 we use a highly defined and well-tested, proven methodology as the foundation for every project and process we undertake. It is a process that allows ample room for creative brainstorming to push the boundaries, but with stringent quality, cost-effectiveness, analysis and project management measures built in to assure that any inspiration amounts to more than just a flight of fancy. We make sure it comes back down to earth.