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  • Tom Tsatsos

    Tom's strengths lie in project management, strategic development, and interactive design management. Tom works hand in hand with the client and #10's development team to…

    Tom Tsatsos

    Director of Client Services

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  • Cristina Montesinos

    For over 20 years, Cristina has created award-winning visual and interactive experiences in print, identity, and digital design. She works at the creative intersection of…

    Cristina Montesinos

    Creative Director

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  • Andrew Romanchenko

    Andrew is an Agile Tech Lead and Magento Developer Plus Certified developer. He has over 10 years of experience dealing with complex database/back-end development, and system architecture and has over…

    Andrew Romanchenko

    Senior Ecommerce Developer

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Your Go-to Partner for E-commerce Strategy & Development

Our focus is simple – to provide and implement solutions that will set the stage for growing your e-commerce business. We look at your digital presence from business, marketing, design and technology standpoints to identify and prioritize opportunities that will immediately impact your bottom line.

We take the time to carefully understand and assess your needs – asking the kinds of targeted questions that will help you build a thriving foundation whether you’re selling one item, or one thousand items. By taking the time to learn about your product, its benefits and its target audience, we’re able to develop a comprehensive plan with reachable goals and milestones that respect your timeframe, scope and budget.

This proven approach has given us the experience and insight to build rock-solid e-commerce ventures for clients around the world – and we’d love for your business to be next.


The Potential

Many of our clients have branched out from humble independent merchants to compete on a global scale that was previously unreachable. E-commerce solutions have truly leveled the playing field and provided deep customization and control to businesses of all sizes.

For this reason, our creative and development team have collaborated on a proven system that takes your business from concept to completion – all with unprecedented support and advice, every step of the way.

Learn more about our comprehensive Shopify development services, and reach out if you’d like to take your business from zero to #10!


  • Shopify


    Shopify is a top e-commerce platform empowering businesses to create, customize, and manage online stores effortlessly. With customizable templates, robust tools, and seamless integrations, Shopify supports various aspects of online retail, from products to payments and marketing. As a proud Shopify partner, our digital agency, #10, offers expert Shopify integration services to enhance clients' online presence and streamline operations. Our design, web development, and marketing expertise ensure businesses can leverage Shopify's potential and deliver exceptional shopping experiences globally.

  • ActiveCollab is a project management solution which helps our team manage everything from tasks, milestones, and communications to time sheets, expenses and invoices . Client representatives interact with our team on projects and are able to see the progress, time spent and communications related to specific tasks. Our aim is to offer as much transparency as possible with our clients to maximize collaboration and hence satisfaction.

  • With Amazon Fulfillment Services, our clients can bulk ship their inventory to Amazon's fulfillment centers, and have the entire process from picking, packing, shipping and reporting taken care of, all via an online interface. Amazon Fulfillment Services allows our clients to focus on their core competencies and scale their business rapidly.

  • As a Magento developer, we believe that every eCommerce website needs to be hosted by top tier web hosting companies that are stable, secure, and scalable. SiteGround features Magento sites that can be deployed with the click of a mouse and are fully optimized for Magento. SiteGround offers solutions ranging from entry-level shared plans to dedicated, managed hosting for clients with requirements for high performance.

  • HubSpot is a powerful all-in-one in-bound marketing platform that caters to small and large businesses alike. The platform helps companies optimize their marketing strategy online, from Blogging, Social Media, Email, SEO, Landing Pages and more. HubSpot also has integrations available for SugarCRM, NetSuite, and CRM platforms.

  • For an enterprise level, scalable hosting solution, we recommend Rackspace. They have several hosting products ranging from Cloud Hosting to Dedicated Managed Servers. For the most demanding applications, we always go with Rackspace.

  • Open to the community for both public and private projects, GitHub is the largest repository for code that supports over 200 programming languages. It is designed to help developers to be more efficient and effective with their source code management process. With GithHub, we ensure that the development process is secure and methodical.

  • MailChimp is a subscription based service that allows companies to create personalized newsletter campaigns. It features customer segmentation, email analytics to see who is clicking where and how often, and a plethora of template configurations and options for look & feel. MailChimp also integrates seamlessly with Magento, which makes it one of our favorite email newsletter applications.

  • We use Optimizely to conduct A/B Multivariate testing to help our clients maximize conversion rates. Optimizely helps us track and distill data into actionable information and allows us to test various hypotheses in parallel.


We work with and use and Shopify and Shopify Plus exclusively for all our clients’ e-commerce operations. Not only has Shopify proven to be a robust, reliable and secure e-commerce platform, but it’s also customizable and extensible through the use of third party Apps. Want to monitor social signals to grow your influence? Or handle fulfillment using your own warehouse? Consider it done.